Depression Counseling

Having no energy, no motivation and feeling terrible about yourself and life?


Everyone experiences sadness at times. But depression is something more. Depression is extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than days. You may find yourself extremely tired even though you had a good night’s rest or decline friends and families invites to social gatherings. Your self-esteem has hit rock bottom and you believe there is nothing worthy about yourself.

Nothing seems to give you joy anymore and you catch yourself zoning off and feeling indifferent.  Maybe you put on a happy face and pretend everything is okay, but underneath it all you’re struggling to get through the day.  You are not alone and don’t have to fight this battle all by yourself.

Depression Counseling with Laura Nelson

Signs of depression

Lack of motivation

Chronic fatigue


Socially isolating

Increase/decrease of appetite



Loss of interest or pleasure in actives


Suicidal thoughts

Persistent feelings of guilt

Inability to concentrate

Depression can be complicated and may be influenced by many factors. So how do we start to get a handle on this depression? In therapy we will discuss those factors and get a better understanding of your depression and learn to cope and manage symptoms of it. We will also learn to challenge and reframe your depressive thoughts and help you replace those unhelpful thoughts and behaviors with healthy alternatives.

We will walk together through your depression and struggles so you can get back to enjoying your life and have the tools to continue managing the ups and downs that happen in life.

“Stay strong, your story isn’t over yet.”

There is hope and help for you.

Depression can make us believe many lies about our self and our world like nothing will ever get better or I’m so stupid. Someone in the midst of a deep depressive episode may feel like they are walking around in a cloudy shroud of despair or numbness. I’m here to shine a light of hope on you to let you know your story isn’t over and that there is help to overcoming depression.

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