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Therapy to help Millennials navigate issues and struggles unique to their life's.

The struggle is real.

Being a Millennial comes with a wide variety of challenges and struggles. A good portion of millennials face issues relating to student debt, pressures to be successful financially, relationships, identity and finding meaning and purpose in their lives. Some of these struggles may take the form of anxiety and depression. This is where I can step in and help you with the life pressures, anxieties and the never “good enough” voice. Through counseling you can learn new ways to cope, handle distressing thoughts and feelings and live a life you are excited for!

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Therapy to help manage and tame Anxiety

Anxiety can be defined in many ways, but overall it is something that gets in your way of being able to enjoy life because you’re too focused on worries and fears about the future. The anxiety looms over you and tosses around all kinds of uncertainty in your minds. Not only can that be mentally exhausting, but also physically exhausting with disrupted sleep, thinking your heart is going to explode and tension throughout your bodies. We will walk together through your fears, worries, and self-doubts and reduce your anxiety to a level where you can cope with it instead of it controlling you.

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Therapy to help with Depression

Depression can look different for everyone. Maybe you find yourself tired, irritable and unable to focus. OR you find yourself crying and feeling terrible about yourself for no reason. Maybe you put on a happy face and pretend everything is okay, but underneath it all you’re struggling to get through the day. You are not alone and don’t have to fight this battle all by yourself. We will walk together through your depression and struggles so you can get back to enjoying your life and have the tools to continue managing the ups and downs that happen in life.

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Therapy to help take a closer look at who you are, where you’re going and how to find connections.

It can be a challenge to feel like you don’t know who you are or where you are going in life. You may sometimes feel disconnected with yourself and the roles you play within our family, friends and relationships. You may long to have deeper connections with others but don’t even know where to begin. Being able to build better connections with family, friends, and significant others means evaluating yourself in areas that you may struggle with like communication, being assertive, shyness, socially anxious and getting vulnerable with others. The important connections we have with others contribute to our sense of being and to our identity and to our sense of personal meaning and purpose in life. Are ready to start making better deeper connections with others?!

I Help My Clients With a Range of Concerns


Anger and Forgiveness


Family of Origin Issues

Grief and loss

Guilt and Shame

Life Transitions


Self Esteem

Stress management



Work/Life Balance

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